One man (and one woman) cover of Deacon Blues

Check out this cover of Steely Dan's classic Deacon Blues. Hoping to make this the first in a series of videos, featuring raw guest talent, original songs, and old songs in original ways. Check it out...

UK Radio premier on Manx Radio

Nevermind the Bollocks, here's Norman Frank. So excited to be heard in England, Ireland, Scotland, and all over the British Isles! We will be featured on Manx Radio's Feel Good Fridays, DJed and curated by the lovely Ashley Bentley. Stream…

Norman Frank on the new 99X Atlanta

Thanks a ton to the new 99X Atlanta for featuring Spark of the Divine on their local music page, and for giving the song lots of airplay on the air waves. If you haven't checked them out, you really should…

Happy 2016

See this space? Watch it. A lot of great things coming your way this year...

New videos

Really pleased to release these two videos. An acoustic version of Live Your Life, and an otherwise unrecorded cover of Peg by Steely Dan. Thanks to New Freedom Productions and Erin Fisher for making them happen. Let us know what…

Summer shows!

Hey everyone. The first wave of NF&GD summer shows is here. Come out!

Help us play 420 Fest!

We would REALLY love to play 420 Fest, in Atlanta's own Centennial Park this year. The festival spans three days and there is an AMAZING line up. If you want to help us be a part of it...YOU CAN!


Brand new website

Welcome to the new home of all things NF&GD. I've just discovered a larger digital realm. I feel like Neo in The Matrix. Whoa.